2016-10-16 Calderwood Lake Trip Report

The touring group of CHOTA drove across the legendary “Tail of the Dragon” October 16 for a day of kayaking at Calderwood Lake.

We were excited to see the beginning of a change in colors of the fall leaves. Our excitement was rewarded on the drive along the Foothills Parkway to access the Dragon. The red leaves were bursting and the yellows were brilliant. Yet, when we looked past the parkway into the valley, there were still a lot of green trees. Hmm!

Upon arrival at the lake, we saw a large group of men with several canoes loading up to leave. Woo-hoo! Quiet time! The lake was clear and placid. The color here was just beginning its march through the trees.

We all arrived safely and quickly readied our kayaks to begin our adventure. As we climbed into our boats, Rick White declared that he was going fishing and will meet up with us at the end. So the group was down to four gals: Iris Leung, Teresa Koesler, Sharon Cogburn and Cheri Devault.

We enjoyed chatting about our jobs and possible future trips. When we arrived at the old train tunnel, we took the time to see if the water was too high to go through. Fiesty Teresa did her version of the “kayak limbo” and got herself into the tunnel. Sadly, she could not exit the other side and had to turn around. The rest of us were afraid the tunnel was not wide enough to turn our long boats around in. We applauded Teresa and paddled on.

The weather remained warm and sunny although the water in the lake was cold. It was just a gorgeous early fall day! We stopped for lunch among some rocks and had a little picnic and used the backwoods loo.

The day ended well with no mishaps and a good eight-mile paddle. Rick returned with some fishing stories. Of course, he didn’t keep any of his catches, so we couldn’t verify the stories.

Y’all will have to join us on the next trip.

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