Did you know…


The world’s water is finite.  The world’s water supply is dwindling, and yet it is the only water we will ever have.  Every drop of water wasted is a drop less in a wild and scenic river.

70% of Earth is covered in Water – only 2% is fresh water.  Currently there are 7 billion people sharing that water.

The World Bank predicts that by 2025, two thirds of the global population will run short of fresh drinking water.

In the United States we spend $61 billion dollars each year buying purified bottled water – while much of the plastic ends up in our rivers.

If we could do one thing to help save our water supply and our rivers, just one, it would be to highly limit your bottled water use and try not to take those plastic bottles to the river that might accidentally be washed off the boat.  Try using a refillable container, such as Nalgene or Kleen Canteen; they will stay ice cold and you will be much more likely to hang on to those!

We will be talking in upcoming newsletters what we can do individually and as a group to help clean up our rivers and save our resources that we so much enjoy.

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