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Regional Campgrounds







1 Big South Fork Bandy Creek Campground 1-800-365-2267 National Park Service
2 Big South Fork Pickett State Park 931-879-5821 National Park Service
3 Cartecay Mountaintown Outdoor Expeditions 706-635-2524 Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
4 Cartecay Fort Mountain State Park 706-695-2621 Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
5 Chattanooga Chua-Ram Park (SC) 864-647-9286
6 Chattanooga Oconee State Park (SC) 864-638-5353
7 Chattanooga Tallulah Gorge State Park (GA) 706-754-7970
8 Chattanooga Black Rock Mountain State Park (GA) 706-746-2141
9 Cherokee National Forest Cherokee National Forest Campground 1-800-xxx-xxx Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
10 French Broad River Hot Springs Campground and Spa 823-622-7676 North Carolina Mountain Vacation & Tourism Information
11 French Broad River Forest Service campground 828-622-3202 USDA Forest Service
12 Hiwassee River Hiwassee Outfitters 423-338-8115 Hiwassee Outfitters
13 Hiwassee River Gee Creek Campground 423-263-0050 Tennessee State Parks
14 Hiwassee River Quinn Springs Campground 423-496-0100 USDA Forest Service Closed for the 2014 season
15 Hiwassee River Lost Creek Campground 423-496-0100 USDA Forest Service
17 Nantahala River Gorge Bryson City North Carolina Lodging Bryson City North Carolina Lodging
18 Nantahala River Gorge Turkey Creek Campground 828-488-8966 Turkey Creek Campgrounds
19 Nantahala River Gorge Nantahala-Wesser Campground 828-488-8708 Nantahala-Wesser Campgrounds
20 Nantahala River Gorge Nelson's Nanty Hideaway 828-321-4407 Nelson's Nanty Hideaway
21 Nantahala River Gorge Tsali 828-479-6431 USDA Forest Service
22 Nantahala River Gorge Brookside Campground 828-321-5209 Brookside Campgrounds and Rafting
23 Nantahala River Gorge Tumbling Waters Campground 1-800-xxx-xxx Tumbling Waters Campgrounds open 3/1-12/1; Cash only transactions
24 National Fork Cumberland Cumberland Falls State Park 1-800-325-0063 Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
25 Nolichy Nolichy Campground 423-743-8876 Nolichy Campground Camping right at the takeout; Shuttles available for $20
26 Ocoee Peace Valley Campground 828-837-6223 Kampgrounds of America Good halfway point for 
groups going to the Nantahala River Gorge and the Ocoee.
27 Ocoee General Ocoee Information The Greater Copper Basin
28 Ocoee Thunder Rock Campground 
423-338-5201 USDA Forest Service
29 Ocoee Parksville Lake Campground 
423-338-5201 USDA Forest Service
30 Ocoee Chilhowee Campground Scout
31 Obed-Emory Watershed Nemo Campground National Park Service
32 Obed-Emory Watershed Frozen Head State Park 423-346-3318 Tennessee State Park 964 Flat Fork Rd. Wartburg TN 37887
33 Obed-Emory Watershed Del and Marte Scruggs’ Lilly Pad Campground 865-617-0984 Lilly Pad Facebook Page
34 Russell Fork Breaks Interstate Park 1-800-982-5122 Breaks Interstate Park
35 Tellico North River 423-253-2520 USDA Forest Service
36 Tellico Holly Flats Campground 423-253-2520 USDA Forest Service
37 Tellico Indian Boundary Campground 423-253-2520 Reserve America Open through 11/2
38 Tellico Spivey Cove Campground 423-253-2520 USDA Forest Service
39 Tennessee State Parks Tennessee State Parks 615-532-0001 Tennessee State Parks